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My dog gets over-excited when out on a walk (and on lead)

Is your dog over-excited when they go out on walk? 
How do you prevent it from happening in the first place?


Puppy Socialisation in COVID Lockdown

As we go into Lockdown again in many parts of Australia, there has been an increase of puppy adoptions once again.  Clients believe that they can’t take their puppy out due to lockdown and therefore cannot socialize their puppy.

Seek professional help, not people's opinions

I received a phone call this week, it went like this:

Hello, are you the dog trainer
Yes, I am. How can I help you?

My name is John and my dog has issues, can you fix him?
Ok, why don’t you tell me about the issues?

What is involved in a private Training and/or Behaviour Consultation?

I have recently received some questions about private, one on one Dog Training / Behaviour consultations.  The enquiry was what do I actually do in a Private Consultation and do I train the dog for the whole time. 

5 dog toilet training mistakes

This blog is about the mistakes we make when trying to toilet train our puppy.  Remember though, these are also relevant if you are trying to toilet train an older dog, a foster or a rescue dog.

How to prepare your dog for flying

Recently I have been thinking about some clients of mine.  Soon, they will be relocating from Australia to Germany and taking their three dogs with them.  Their dogs have never been in a plane before and so we are devising a plan to ensure that as much conditioning can be done with the dogs as possible to ensure a smooth flight for them.  

Grieving for a pet

Grieving for a pet is one of the hardest things I have ever had to do in my life.  For those who are not animal lovers, there is little understanding that the grief is the same when someone looses a pet compared to loosing a human family member.

HOW to help a dog with reactive behaviours on lead

How can you help your dog when he/she is displaying ‘reactive’ or ‘aggressive’ behaviours on lead?  Will your dog be able stop doing this?  What sort of training methods should you use?

WHAT can I do to help manage my leash sensitive dog

Ok, get ready!  You will need some padded gloves, a bionic shoulder and your roller skates.  We are just about to take your 'leash sensitive' dog for a walk!    

WHY is my dog aggressive on lead

If you’re a dog owner you’ll almost certainly have encountered this scenario. You’re on a walk with your dog and another dog approaches on a lead. As you get closer, the dog starts to whine, jump up and down and lunge at you.  The dog may even growl, bark or bare his teeth. It’s a bit scary, right? For both you and your dog.

The top 7 mistakes when teaching your dog to come

Recall. It’s such an important skill to teach your dog, yet also such a difficult one to master.

It’s one of the most common questions I get asked as a trainer and one of the biggest frustrations for dog owners because their dog seems to want to do everything but come back to them. 

Preventing a dog bite at Christmas

For many dogs, Christmas is a difficult time of year.  Most owners are unaware of the signs of stress their animal is displaying until something like a bite happens.  In this blog, we explain what you can do to help your dog, (however it is also relevant for your cat) through this stressful time and how to keep your pet happy and healthy over the festive period.   

But I don't have time to train my dog

I hear this often from dog owners.  Life is busy, both parents work, the children have swimming/piano/soccer lessons and it’s just an effort trying to find the time to walk the dog let alone train them.  Here is the good news, it doesn’t have to be that way.

The Greyhound Industry

Every week, Australian’s gamble a whopping $77 million on greyhound racing. But what most people probably aren’t thinking of as they place their bets and cheer on ‘their dog’ is the dark side of this unforgiving industry, the full horror of which is only now starting to come to light.

My funny cat stories

I love cats and I love living with my cats. Each of them have their own personality and they get up to plenty of mischief! My cats have shared more than a few comical moments with me over the years, so I’ve decided to share some of them with you. 

Loose Lead Walking (Part 2)

So how do we teach our dogs to walk nicely on lead without pulling our arm off? There are various ways, and what works for one dog won’t work for all of them. We’ll look at one effective technique here, but if you need more help, feel free to book a Training and Behaviour consultation!  We would be more than happy to help you!

Loose Lead Walking (Part 1)

Loose-lead walking is one of the most important things you can teach your dog. There’s no magic cure I’m afraid, it’s all a matter of training. In this blog we’ll look at why dogs have a tendency to drag their owners along behind them, and in part two we’ll see what can be done to stop it. 

Are You Ready To Adopt a Dog?

Adopting a dog can be one of the most rewarding and enjoyable things you will ever do. In my 20 years working as a dog behavioural trainer and volunteering with rescue groups and shelters, I’ve seen so many people take so much joy by giving a once-neglected dog a happy and loving home. This post will take you through a few of the most important things you need to think about before adopting a dog.

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