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Private Dog Training

Private One-On-One Dog Training Consultations

Dog Training NewcastleAt Dogaholics, we are highly experienced professionals who are passionate about solving your dog training problems.  

Our one-on-one private dog training and behaviour consultations (or private lessons), are tailored specifically for you and your dog, addressing problem behaviours and giving individualised support and guidance.  We service the Newcastle and Lake Macquarie areas of NSW.

All the family is included in the dog training, so it’s realistic, clear and consistent. 

What are private consultations for?

We can help you with almost any training requirement or behaviour issues you may be having with your dog.  We can help you teach your dog to sit, stand, stay, come, walk nicely on lead and other general manners type behaviours.  We help owners train their puppies, adolescent dogs, adult dogs and yes, even senior dogs can be trained!

If you are having training or behaviour problems we can also help you with that.

Training or behaviour problems that can be addressed in a private dog training and behaviour consultation include:

  • Toilet training
  • Pulling on lead
  • Jumping
  • Mouthing and nipping
  • Barking issues
  • Digging, chewing and biting
  • Your dog won't come when called
  • Separation distress/anxiety
  • Mild storm phobia
  • Anxiety or fear about people, other dogs or things
  • Aggressive behaviours such as growling and biting
  • Lunging, barking and reactive behaviours towards other dogs
  • Problems in a multi-dog household
  • Guarding of food, toys, people and other things
  • Fears and phobias 
  • Introducing a new dog into your home
  • Introducing your existing dog to your new dog/cat (or existing cat to your new dog?
  • Help with a rescue dog you just adopted
  • We can help you to choose your next dog or cat including understanding which breed is right for you and your lifestyle?




What do we do in a private dog training / behaviour consultation?

Dog Training Newcastle

In these private consultations, we first start off by taking a history of your dog.  This is so we can obtain information that will help us to determine the cause of your dog’s behaviour and how to then help your dog.  We ask lots of questions to do this.

We then do some practical, hands on training or behaviour modification in the consultation and give you strategies to implement when you go home. 

It is important that you are able to dedicate the time and effort to implement these strategies consistently at home so that you can see improvements in the behaviour of your dog.

Changing your dog’s behaviour requires you to change your behaviour first so it is important that you are committed, willing and able to put into practice what you have learnt in our private consultation when you go home.

We encourage everyone to read our blog: “What is involved in a Private, One-on-One Dog Training/Behaviour Consultation” so you understand exactly what is involved.

Booking a private consultation

1. Contact us to book an appointment through our contact form.

2. On the day of your appointment, make sure you are prepared by bringing plenty of food to be used for training such as cooked chicken breast, cooked kangaroo sausages or any other meat that is healthy for your dog.  You can also bring cheese.  Remember to cut the food up into small pieces.  

3. Your dog will need to have a flat collar (normal) collar/harness and you will need a lead. No choker chains are allowed in training.

4. Please bring with you the cost of the consultation in cash please.  We do not have an eftpos machine, receipts will be issued on payment.  You can also pay by direct debit prior to the day.

5. Please ARRIVE ON TIME .  We have clients before and after you and if you are late, we cannot run into the next client’s appointment time.  This means if you run late, your consultation will end at the allocated time and you will not receive your full allocated time. 

6. CANCELLATIONS - We require 24 hours notice for cancellation otherwise the full consultation fee will be charged.

7. NO SHOWS - If you do not attend your consultation and do not give any notice, the full consultation fee will be charged.  Please be respectful as we have set aside time for your consultation that others could have taken. 

Cost for a Private Dog Training Consultation

$240 for the initial consultation (face-to-face conducted at our home office in Adamstown Heights OR Skype/ZOOM appointments.)
(approximately 90 minutes)

$120 for a follow up consultation (face-to-face conducted at our home office in Adamstown Heights OR Skype/ZOOM appointments)
(approximately 45 minutes)


The first private consultation is approximately 90 minutes in duration and cost is $240.  Further follow up consultations are approximately 45 minutes in duration and cost is $120.  We conduct our private consultations from our home office in Adamstown Heights.  We also offer Skype/ZOOM appointments. 

If you require a home visits, a travel charge applies so contact us for a quote.

Our Dog Training Methods

We get effective and long lasting results by using kind, dog friendly and positive methods.

Dog Training Newcastle

1. We get to the cause of the problems so we can change your dog's behaviour.

2. Your dog won’t develop psychological damage from our dog training methods.

3. We use science, not force or intimidation to get a dog to perform a behaviour.

4. We do not use any alpha/dominance methods as they are ineffective and dangerous for your dog

* We may refer you to a Veterinary Behaviourist if we feel your dog has a behavioural issue with an underlying medical condition.

Our Promise to You

You and your dog will feel safe, respected and supported when training with us.

We provide a judgement free learning environment.

Your training will be full of positive experiences for both you and your dog.

We will never harm, intimidate, hurt or punish your dog and disguise it as dog training.

Our Dog Trainers

Dog Training Newcastle

Our trainer is an experienced dog professional with full qualifications in animal behavioural training who believes kindness should come first when training a dog.

We regularly update our qualifications and frequently attend educational opportunities. We use positive reinforcement techniques (on both dog and human!) to achieve behaviour change.   

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