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Doggie Play Group


What is a Dog Socialisation Class (Play Group)?

Our dog training socialization classes (play groups) are designed for dogs who are friendly with other dogs but might be either scared of big group play (lots of dogs playing), need some practice at reading other dog’s body language or need to play in a fenced area. 

These classes are extremely small in size (usually only 4-5 dogs allowed) and they are run in a completely fenced area.  There is a qualified and experienced instructor who will guide and advise you and your dog throughout the class.  

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Why should I attend a Dog Socialisation Class (Play Group)? 

We believe that it is unsafe and potentially dangerous for dogs and puppies to play at off-leash dog parks and dog beaches. Physical and psychological damage can occur to your dog from other dogs that may bully, harass or try to fight your dog.  You cannot control the behaviours of other strange and unknown dogs towards your dog.

That’s why we have provided a safe alternative. 

If you would like your dog to interact and socialise in a safe, controlled, supervised and fenced environment, then enroll now!

What are the benefits of a Dog Socialisation Class (Play Group)?

  • Your dog will have the opportunity to interact with other dogs in a safe and controlled environment
  • Your dog will be able to be off lead in a fenced area without you worrying your dog will run on the road or run away from you.
  • You will learn to read the body language of other dogs so you know when to intervene in play.
  • Your dog will learn to read other dogs signals including play, calming and cut off signals.
  • These classes are fully supervised by a highly experienced and qualified trainer.

What age can my dog join this class? 

We accept dogs from approximately 5 months and onwards in these classes.

Which dogs are not suitable for this class?

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These classes are NOT suitable for dogs who have shown reactive or aggressive behaviour (barking, lunging, growling and snapping towards other dogs) or don’t like to interact with other dogs they don’t know. 

Please contact us if your dog has displayed these behaviours towards other dogs so we can help you through a private consultation. 

What will you and your dog learn in this class? 

In these classes, you will learn how to read a dog's body language and how dogs play, as well as gain some valuable knowledge on how to keep your dog safe around other dogs in a social environment. The dogs will be both on and off leash and there will be breaks throughout the class for dogs to rest and learn to settle. 

Your dog will learn to read other dog’s body language including invitations to play, calming signals and cut off signals from other dogs when play gets too rough.  Your dog will interact with dogs of different breeds, sizes and ages.

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This is NOT a ‘free for all’ play group.  We do NOT let the dogs off lead for the whole class and let them ‘sort things out’.  This can be very dangerous.

Dogs need to learn how to socialize, play over time and learn impulse control around other dogs in an on and off lead environment.  Dogs need to get to know other unfamiliar dogs in the class and this is done gradually over 4 weeks.

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