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Dog Massage


Your dog needs a massage too!

The massage of animals is not a new phenomenon and can actually be traced back to ancient times.  There is evidence of animals being massaged by the ancient Indians, Chinese, Japanese, Turks, Greeks and Romans and there are hieroglyphics in Egypt of “animal healers” using massage techniques. 

Canine Myofunctional Therapy is a type of professional therapeutic massage used on dogs.  It is safe and effective and uses a combination of massage techniques and stretches.  We provide canine massage / dog massage to canine's from all over the Newcastle and Lake Macquarie areas.

Dog Massage Newcastle

Like humans, dogs require regular massage to keep their mind and bodies in optimal condition.  We encourage owners to be proactive in their dog’s health by starting your dog with canine massage well before anything nasty happens to them so as to prevent injuries, strains or illnesses taking hold.    

Dog massage can be useful for

  • keeping your dog healthy and happy
  • dogs with arthritis
  • recovering from surgery
  • injuries or physical disabilities 
  • senior or ageing dogs 
  • timid and shy dogs
  • hyperactive or nervous dogs
  • dogs with anxiety and/or depression
  • dogs who have suffered abuse or trauma 

Benefits of Dog Massage

  • relieves pain
  • keeps dogs' in optimal condition
  • prevents injury and illness
  • provides stress relief / relaxation
  • relieves muscle tension and tightness
  • reduces toxins from the system
  • helps the body heal from injuries, strains and exhaustion
  • increases circulation and range of movement trauma 

Cost of a Dog Massage

Standard Consultation
(Approximately 50 minute massage)               $80


We conduct our dog massages at our premises in Adamstown.  We have canines who come from all areas including Lake Macquarie, Newcastle, Maitland, Port Stephens and Cessnock to get a dog massage from us!

Gift vouchers now available 

Why not buy your pooch a massage voucher for their birthday, Christmas or just because you love them!

Note: Canine massage should not be used as a substitute for veterinary medical care.

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We are based in Kotara, NSW
(Newcastle and Lake Macquarie Region)

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