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Cat Behaviour Services

Of course we absolutely love dogs, but we also have a special place in our hearts for cats.

Having looked after over 400 foster cats in our care over a 17-year period as well as having owned a number of cats ourselves, it’s hard not to fall in love with these beautiful creatures.  Yes, we admit it, we are Cataholics too!!

Like dogs, cats can develop problem behaviours as well.

What can we help you with, in a private consultation?

Cat Training

There are many things you can do to help your feline friend.  Our qualified feline behavioural trainer is an excellent detective who can help to investigate why your cat is behaving the way he/she is and put into place a number of strategies to help modify this behaviour.  

  • Litter box issues
  • Urine marking
  • Inter-cat aggression
  • Fearful, timid or shy cats
  • Scratching in inappropriate places
  • Aggressive behaviour towards people
  • Meowing and yowling


What do we do in a private cat behaviour consultation?

Cat Training

In these private consultations, we first start off by taking a history of your cat to obtain information that will help us to determine the cause of your cat’s behaviour and how to then help your cat.  We will ask lots of questions and get you to fill out a questionnaire. 

We then do some practical, hands on training in the consultation and give you strategies to implement when we leave.  It is important that you are able to dedicate the time and effort to implement these strategies consistently at home so that you can see improvements in the behaviour of your cat. Changing your cat’s behaviour requires you to change your behaviour first so it is important that you are committed, willing and able to implement these strategies.

Booking a private consultation

Here are the steps of booking a private consultation:

1. Contact us directly to book an appointment for a private consultation through our contact form.

2. On the day of your appointment, make sure you are prepared by having some food ready to be used for training your cat. Meat that is healthy for your cat is usually the best.  Remember to cut the food up into small pieces.  NO DRY TREATS OR DRY FOOD PLEASE.

3. For cat consultations, we come to your home so please have the cost of the consultation ready in cash.  We do not have an eftpos machine, receipts will be issued on payment.  You can also pay by direct debit prior to the day.

4. We will arrive ON TIME.  PLEASE be home at the allocated time of your appointment.  We have clients before and after you and if you are late, we cannot run into the next client’s appointment time.  This means if you run late, your consultation will end at the allocated time and you will not receive your full allocated time.  Please respect our time.

5. CANCELLATIONS OR RESCHEDULING:  We require 72-hours notice for cancellation or rescheduling otherwise the full consultation fee will be charged.

6. NO SHOWS: If we turn up and you are not home and you have not told us or given any notice, the full consultation fee will be charged.  Please be respectful as we have set aside time for your consultation that others could have taken. 

Cat Training

Cost for a Private Cat Behaviour Consultation

Initial consultation:                 
$245 for a 70-90 minute in-home consultation* OR Skype/ZOOM consultations

Follow up consultations:        
$160 for a 50-60 minute in-home consultation * OR Skype/ZOOM consultations    

*  (a small travel charge may apply if you are out of our travel area) 

CANCELLATIONS - We require 72 hours notice for any changes or cancellation otherwise the full consultation fee will be charged.


Please don't delay getting help for you and your cat.  Early intervention is vital in achieving behaviour change and meeting your goals.

Our Cat Training Methods

Cat Training

We get effective and long-lasting results by using kind, cat friendly and positive training methods. 

1. We get to the cause of the problem so we can change the behaviour.

2. Your cat won’t develop psychological damage from our training methods.

3. We use science, not force or intimidation to change your cat's behaviour.

* We may refer you to a Veterinary Behaviourist if we feel your cat has a behavioural issue with an underlying medical condition.

Our Promise to You

1. You and your cat will feel safe, respected and supported with us.

2. We provide a judgement free learning environment.

3. Your training will be full of positive experiences for both you and your cat.

4. We will never harm, intimidate, hurt or punish your cat and disguise it as training.

Our Cat Behavioural Consultants

Our cat behavioural consultant is an experienced cat professional with full qualifications in animal behavioural training who believes kindness should come first when changing the behaviour of a cat.

We regularly update our qualifications and frequently attend educational opportunities. We use positive reinforcement techniques (on both cat and human!) to achieve behaviour change.   

We would love to hear from you!

Cat Training

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