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Puppy Training

Can't get your puppy into puppy pre-school classes right now, and afraid your puppy will miss out on vital training?

Maybe your puppy is too old for puppy pre-school?

Maybe your shy or worried puppy may not be suited to class type environments? 

Let us help you gain the puppy knowledge and training you will need to raise a well balanced and happy dog!



Congratulations on your newest furry family member! 

Introducing a new puppy to the family is very exciting! 

We hope this puppy will be in your family for many years to come. 

As puppy parents, it can be challenging to understand puppy behaviour and what to do when our fur babies behave in unexpected or undesirable ways.

This can be very stressful for both human and puppies alike! 

We get it!  We have lived with and raised puppies too!    

Don't worry because we can help!

Our highly experienced and fully qualified Canine Behaviour Consultant and Trainer has over 20 years experience and is here to support you through your journey with your puppy.  We use science based, positive reinforcement methods and continually keeps abreast of latest research so you get only the very best and the most up to date information and knowledge for your puppy!


What is covered in Private Puppy Pre-School / Puppy Training lessons?

We do puppy pre-school a little different, but for an excellent reason!

Puppies, like children, can be easily distracted and there are lots of things for them to learn. In outdoor settings, or small rooms with lots of other people and animals, your puppy can be quickly overwhelmed, stressed, confused or overly excited. 

Imagine trying to learn algebra for the first time in the middle of a theme park - that's what it is like for our puppies! Sensory overload.

We offer private puppy pre-school training lessons where it's just you (and your family members) and your puppy. 

This way, you and your puppy won't be stuck in a small room with lots of other distracting stimulation. You'll also have more one-on-one time with the trainer so you can concentrate on precisely what you and your puppy need.

While this is slightly different from the traditional puppy training you might be familiar with, research shows that training in high stress, high stimulation environments can impair learning and have some negative consequences. Our modernised practices, supported by behavioural research, delivers affordable puppy training results.

We also know puppy parents are busy, and there is a lot to take in for the humans too! So, we can work with a 'hybrid' online-offline approach that maximises your support and your puppy's learning while being flexible with your busy life.


Cost of Private Puppy Pre-School / Puppy Training lessons

$160 - 1 x 60 minute behaviour consultation.  (This option is useful if you have one or two topics you would like to cover.) 

These are one-on-one, face-to-face consultation which runs for 60 minutes and are conducted at our home office at Adamstown Heights.  Zoom/Skype appointments are also available)

$345 – 3 x 45 minutes lessons.  (These are three (3) private, one-on-one lessons which are each 45-minute in length.) 

They are useful for covering a number of topics/issues. 

They are available face-to-face or via Zoom/Skype and are conducted at our home office at Adamstown Heights.)  * Package payments are due unfront

$550 - 5 x 45 minute lessons.  (These are five (5) private, one-on-one lessons which are each 45-minute in length.) 

They are useful if you would like to gain an in-depth understanding of puppy development, sensitive periods and cover a range of topics about puppies and puppy parenting. 

They are available face-to-face or via Zoom/Skype and are conducted at our home office at Adamstown Heights.)  * Package payments are due unfront

All above lessons are suitable for puppies 8 weeks onwards.

Our private puppy pre-school / puppy training lessons are conducted at our home office in Adamstown Heights OR Skype/ZOOM appointments are available.


We can tailor the puppy pre-school training lessons to cover whatever you need.  Here are some of the below topics we can cover:

  • How puppies learn
  • Why we use positive reinforcement training
  • How to read your puppy’s body language. 
  • What is your puppy trying to tell you?
  • Toilet training
  • Mouthing and chewing
  • Separations from puppy done successfully
  • Loose lead walking
  • Socialisation and habituation.  What to do and how to do it.
  • How to enrich your puppy’s life
  • Should I crate train?
  • Where should my puppy sleep?
  • Should I take my puppy to dog parks and dog beaches? 
  • Teach obedience behaviours for safety

PLEASE NOTE:  These lessons are for the puppy behaviour basics, as listed above.

We DO NOT cover extenstive behaviour issues you are having with your puppy in these lessons such as growling, biting, guarding food and problems with another animal in the home. 

For these issues, please book a behaviour consultation.

How to book our private puppy pre-school / puppy training lessons?

1. Contact us through our 'contact us form' at the bottom of the page and let us know what puppy lesson or puppy package you would like to book.  We will then contact you to organise dates and times.  

2. On the day of your lesson, make sure you are prepared by bringing plenty of food to be used for training such as cut up cooked chicken breast, cooked kangaroo sausages or any other meat that is healthy for your puppy.  You can also bring cheese.  Remember to cut the food up into small pieces.  

3. Your puppy will need to have a flat collar (normal) collar/harness and you will need a lead. No choker chains are allowed in training.  Please also bring a mat for your puppy to sit on.

4. Please ARRIVE ON TIME.  We have clients before and after you and if you are late, we cannot run into the next client’s appointment time.  This means if you run late, your consultation will end at the allocated time and you will not receive your full allocated time. 

5. CANCELLATIONS OR RESCHEDULING - We require 72 hours-notice for any changes or cancellation otherwise the full consultation fee will be charged.  This is to protect our small business so we can continue to pay our bills and continue to operate.

6. NO SHOWS - If you do not attend your consultation and do not give any notice, the full consultation fee will be charged and there will be NO REFUNDS.  Please be respectful as we have set aside time for your consultation that others could have taken.

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