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Our Services 

Puppy Private Lessons:  These are individualised, one-on-one private puppy lessons for you and your puppy.  We can cover a number of issues such as mouthing, chewing, toilet training, jumping up and more.

Dog Training Lessons for puppy, adolescent and adult dogs.  These are individualised, one-on-one, private dog training lessons for you and your dog.  We can help with toilet training, chewing, barking, digging, jumping, pulling on lead, mouthing and nipping.  We can help with basic obedience type behaviours such as sit, stay, come, wait, down and heel.  We can help with any other behaviours you would like to stop or start.  

Dog Behaviour Consultations - these are individualised, one-on-one, private dog behaviour consultations for you and your dog.  We can help with issues such as reactivity, aggression, fear, anxiety, dogs fighting in the home, guarding of food, toys, people and other things and other behavioural problems.

Cat Behaviour Consultations - these are individualised, one-on-one, private cat behaviour consultations that address litter box issues, urine marking, inter-cat aggression, fearful, timid or shy cats, scratching inappropriate places, aggressive behaviour towards people, meowing and yowling and other behavioural problems.

Service / Assistance Dog Training - we provide training lessons to help you to train your service/assistance dog.  (Please note:  we do not provide accreditation for assistance dogs)

Greenhound Assessments for Greyhounds - we provide Greenhound Assessments for your Greyhound to obtain their Green collar if you will be allowing your Greyhound in off-leash designated dog areas.

Behavioural / Temperament Tests for Menancing and Dangerous Dogs - temperament tests conducted on your dog if you have received a notice of intent to declare dangerous and/or your dog has been declared for 12 months and you seek to appeal and have the declaration revoked.


Our Dog Training Methods

We get effective and long lasting results by using kind, dog friendly and positive methods.

Dog Training Newcastle

1. We get to the cause of the problems so we can change your dog's behaviour.

2. Your dog won’t develop psychological damage from our dog training methods.

3. We use science, not force or intimidation to get a dog to perform a behaviour.

4. We do not use any alpha/dominance methods as they are ineffective and dangerous for your dog

* We may refer you to a Veterinary Behaviourist if we feel your dog has a behavioural issue with an underlying medical condition.

Our Promise to You

You and your dog will feel safe, respected and supported when training with us.

We provide a judgement free learning environment.

Your training will be full of positive experiences for both you and your dog.

We will never harm, intimidate, hurt or punish your dog and disguise it as dog training.

Our Dog Trainers

Dog Training Newcastle

We are fully certified, fully qualified animal behaviour professionals who regularly update our knowledge, experiences and qualifications to remain at the forefront of animal behaviour and training.  We incorporate evidence based practices into our teaching and consultations and frequently attend workshops, seminars and other educational events. We use only positive reinforcement techniques (on both dog and human!) to achieve behaviour change as we believe kindness always comes first when training a dog (or any animal!). 

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We are based in Kotara, NSW
(Newcastle and Lake Macquarie Region)
PH: 0497 920 768

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