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About Us

Dogaholics Dog Training and behaviour serviceS 

Now we know you want someone that knows their stuff!  Well don't worry, we definitely have that covered! 
Highly qualified, professional and passionate with over 20 years of experience, we love helping solve your pet problems! 

Did you know we use only force free, science based methods, so you can trust us to give you the most up to date knowledge and advice. 
After all, it's what you and your furry companion deserve! 

We don't hurt, punish or harm your dog in any way and pretend we are doing 'dog training'!  Because that's not us.  We want to see you and your companion not only survive, but thrive and have a relationship of trust, love and mutual understanding.   Whatever is troubling you, we can help!

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* Dogaholics Dog Training and Behaviour Services is a small business covering the Newcastle and Lake Macquarie areas of NSW.
We also do cats!

Dog Training Newcastle

Dog Training and Behaviour services (Newcastle and Lake Macquarie area)


Who are we?

Dog Training Newcastle

Hi, my name is Eve and I am the owner and founder of Dogaholics Dog Training and Behaviour services.  I have been a dog behaviour consultant and trainer in the Newcastle area for 20 years.

My own career as a dog behaviour consultant trainer actually started when I was just 6.  I saved up all my pocket money and bought a mouse from the local pet store, convinced I was going to teach him all sorts of tricks.

OK, so that one didn’t turn out too well (the mouse ended up escaping in the house, true story!) but I’m happy to say I’ve had a fair few success stories since then.  I am now:

  • an accredited and certified Dog and Cat Behaviour Consultant
  • the only approved Greenhound Assessors for Greyhounds in lower northern NSW
  • a behavioural assessor for dogs who may be deemed menacing or dangerous dog
  • help owners to train their assistance dogs 
  • I am a  'Mind Dog' assessor and trainer
  • I was the winner of the 2013 APDT and Black Dog Wear Scholarship

Being a fully qualified and up-to-date professional behaviour consultant is important to me in a society where the dog behaviour and training industry is unregulated.  Yes, that's right!  Anyone in Australia, can say they are a 'dog behaviourist or trainer' even with absolutely no qualifications or experience!  Over the past 20 years, I have attended and continue to attend conferences, workshops and training courses to keep my skills and knowledge current and up-to-date.  Using only science based, positive reinforcement methods are our ethical obligation to you. 

Here are my qualifications and education below:


Conferences / Seminars / Workshops

  • Trauma in Animals Conference: 30-31 July 2022, Control the Meerkat
  • The Brain and Behaviour through life stages:  Senior, 14 May 2022, Dr Kathy Murphy
  • The Brain and Behaviour through life stages:  Adulthood, 07 May 2022, Dr Kathy Murphy
  • The Brain and Behaviour through life stages:  Adolescence, 30 April 2022, Dr Kathy Murphy
  • The Brain and Behaviour through life stages:  Puppyhood, 23 April 2022, Dr Kathy Murphy
  • Unpacking the emotional experience, 19 Mar 2022, Dog Centred Care
  • Geek Week: For the Love of Science, 13-17 Nov 2021, Pet Professional Guild
  • Aggression in Dog Conference, 22-24 Oct 2021, Loose Leash Academy
  • Geek Week: For the Love of Science, 11-15 Nov 2020, Pet Professional Guild
  • Australian Pet Dog Training (APDT) Australia Conference, 2019, Hunter Valley (Peta Clarke, Dr Kate Mornement, Ken Ramirez, Dr Vanessa Rohlf, Michael Shikashio)
  • Learning about Learning, 2019, Professor Susan Friedman and Peta Clarke
  • Puppy School Essentials, 2019, Dr Jen Nesbitt-Hawes
  • Australasian Animal Training Conference, 2018, Wouter Stellaard
  • Improve your Training skills, 2018, Peta Clarke
  • Husbandry Training, 2017, Kat Gregory
  • Chicken Training Camp, Poultry in Motion, 2017, Terry Ryan
  • Operant Conditioning - 3 day Seminar/Workshop, 2017, Dr Bob Bailey
  • Introduction to Treibball Workshop, 2016, Newcastle (K9 Nosetime)
  • K9 Nose Work Workshop, 2016, Newcastle (K9 Nosetime)
  • Australian Pet Dog Training (APDT) Australia Conference, 2015, Gold Coast (Dr Cam Day, Veronica Boutelle, Nando Brown, Chirag Patel, Malena DeMartini Price, Robyn Hood)
  • Working with Fearful dogs, Separation Anxiety, Dissecting the dynamics of dog-to-dog play, 2015, Brisbane (Nicole Wilde)
  • Unravelling the puzzles of behaviour, training and performance, 2015, Newcastle (Suzanne Clothier)
  • Understanding and helping the adolescent dog, 2015, Newcastle (Suzanne Clothier)
  • Behaviour Roadshow, Sydney, 2015 (AVBIG)
  • Introduction to K9 Nose Work 3 Day Seminar, 2015, Sydney (Jill Marie O'Brien)
  • Relationship Centred Training, 2014, Newcastle (Suzanne Clothier)
  • Australian Pet Dog Training (APDT) Australia Conference, 2014, Sydney (Veronica Boutelle, Pia Silvani, Debra Millikan & Debbie Calnon) 
  • Chaos to Calm Seminar, 2014, Newcastle
  • Working Dog Conference 2013, Sydney (University of Sydney)
  • Australian Pet Dog Training (APDT) Australia Conference, 2013, Melbourne(Dianne Garrod, Emily Larlham, Peta Clarke, Marion Brand, Jaime Jackson, Robyn Hood)
  • Australian Pet Dog Training (APDT) Australia Conference, 2012, Sydney (Grisha Stewart, Dr Sophia Yin, Pat Miller)
  • Australian Pet Dog Training (APDT) Australia Conference, 2011, Sydney (Kay Laurence, Dr Kersti Seksel, Dr Gabrielle Carter, Nic Bishop) 
  • Australian Pet Dog Training (APDT) Australia Conference, 2010, Sydney (Ken Ramirez, Steve White and Peta Clarke)  
  • Australian Pet Dog Training (APDT) Australia Conference, 2009, Sydney (Sarah Kalnjas, Dr Pam Reid & Dr Paul McGreevy) 
  • The Brave New World of Dog Training: Science with a brain and a heart, 2009, Sydney (Dr Roger Abrantes)
  • Australian Pet Dog Training (APDT) Australia Conference, 2006, Sydney (Pat Miller, Dr Paul McGreevy, Dr Debbie Calnon, Karin Bridge & Peta Clarke)
  • Coaching People to Train their Dogs, 2005, Sydney (Terry Ryan, Canine Legacy)
  • Science Based Dog Training with Feeling, 2004, Sydney (Ian Dunbar, SIRUS Training) 
  • Australian Pet Dog Training (APDT) Australia Conference, 2003, Sydney (Patricia McConnell)

Dog Training Newcastle




If you are seeking dog training and behaviour services in the Newcastle and/or Lake Macquarie areas, please feel free to contact us.  

We would love to hear from you!




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We are based in Kotara, NSW
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